Who is One Lost Traveller?

Hi there!  My name is James, I’m a British freelance travel photographer (and travel writer) with impressively poor navigational skills. I am capable of getting lost, even with the help of a map, and so hence the name; One Lost Traveller.

I have travelled to some amazing locations in Europe, from Budapest to Lisbon, to Berlin to Rome, exploring the side streets and discovering those hidden gems that makes travelling worth it all.

Recently, I spent two months travelling around the land of the rising sun; Japan. That in itself was an experience that I’ll never forget and it’s a country I will be visiting again in the future.

Every place that I visit, I like to keep diaries of my experiences.  In addition to my photography, I create stories for people to read about my travels.

Aside from photography, I’m a qualified scientist, with a wealth of knowledge and experience of research and development.

Archery and karate (1st black belt) are huge passions of mine; I have represented both of my Universities at national competitions and I also coach both sports at my local clubs.

If you have any questions, or want to collaborate on projects, feel free to complete the contact form and I’ll get back as soon as possible.  Also feel free to check out my work on my Instagram page!



(AKA: One Lost Traveller.)