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  1. Articles must be written in a word document. (Please note that articles will be proofread and edit for readability.)
  2. Article submissions can be one of the following;
    • About a travel experience/story (at least 800 words, maximum 8 photos),
    • List of recommended places to visit or things to do in an area (at least 5 points, one photo per point).
    • Short stories of a particular place (between 500-900 words, maximum 10 photos).
  3. Photos must be high quality, in JPEG format and saved at 100% quality. Photo dimensions are 1536 px on the longest edge. Please label photos in the order that you want them to appear in the article and indicate this in the article by putting “photo-1” and the caption in italics and in quotes etc.

In return for your article, I will link to one of your social media channels (Instagram or Facebook etc.) and a link to a blog post on your website (if you have one) in the “bio” section at the top of the article.

Simply complete the form below with a brief outline of your article and I will get back in touch with you to discuss further.

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