Riding the driverless Yurikamome train to Odaiba Island

The voice over the tannoy announces the next train arriving at the platform. The metallic cage approaches and slows down to a stop. Boarding the driverless train, I sit down and watch the buildings and cars gradually blur, with the sky standing still, as the train continues onwards to its next destination; stopping occasionally to allow people to disembark and board.

Sitting at the rear of the driverless train, you watch the outside world blur as the train speeds ahead

Eventually, I reach my destination – an island full of entertainment complexes and a building I heard of that looked uninteresting on the outside, but inside was more than I expected.

It took me a while after weaving my way across the streets to get the building. Inside, illuminated doors of yellow, red, blue and green were stacked upon each other up high towards the sky. Finding a lift was easy, it was finding the right floor at which to capture a decent photo. After several attempts of trial and error with the elevator, I found that floor I was after and set myself up to take the photos.

Inside the building, there are multicoloured doors stacked up on each level which makes for a good photo opportunity

Silence was everywhere, there was no sign of any other life around me, except for the traffic outside. It felt both eerie and haunting. As the sky began to darken I took my final photo before packing up and making my way out of the building.

People were beginning to head to the huge entertainment complexes. What was once silence, was now filled with the laughter and chatter of people enjoying themselves. The sky was changing colour from blue to purple as the sun set, and the streets lamps flickered on, illuminating the path beneath them. Walking along the promenade, I stopped and faced the mainland of Tokyo with just a bridge spanning the distance between the two islands. One by one, the lights in the buildings began to turn on and I knew I had to capture this scene in front of me.

A view of Tokyo mainland can be seen from the island, including the iconic Rainbow bridge

After having food and feeling content with my venture in the island, I headed back to the mainland on the driverless train. But instead of heading home, I decided to head over to a temple nearby. Walking down a long street, I pass shops and cafes lining the road. The atmosphere was buzzing with the activity of people talking with friends after a day of work. Ahead of me, I see a large wooden gate with iron decorating the face of it. Passing through the immense gate, a temple stands in front of me, a paved path makes its way up to the concrete stairs up to its entrance. Behind it, a metal structure stands painted in red and white and illuminated in the dark with blue and yellow lights.

The sound of glasses clinking could be heard nearby with the smell of candle smoke drifting by. People were collecting candles and packing them into boxes. A sense of calmness and tranquility radiated throughout the area, with only the faint sounds of urban life being heard from the outside.

Seeing the illuminated Tokyo Tower behind Zojoji Temple is a must a night time

Only a small part of Tokyo had been explored, and there was still more for me to see…

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