Instagrammer Interview with @the_flyaway_girl

Instagrammer Interview with the flyaway girl

In the first of this series of Instagrammer Interviews, I spoke to Penelope of @the_flyaway_girl on Instagram and writer for her website, when I was down in Bath.
Your Instagram name is pretty unique, why did you choose it?

For a long time I couldn’t decide on a name at all! It was only when I was talking about my next travel destination to a friend of mine, Queenie from Uni, that she made the comment of me always flying around. That was when the name “the_flyaway_girl” was created!
How many countries have you visited already, and where was the first country you visited?

Visiting Indonesia was my 50th country on my list of places I have visited so far – it’s an amazing country! But my first country would be Switzerland where I did an Interrail journey around Europe before starting University.
You post a lot of Instagram stories involving coffee, how much do you really like it?

I love coffee. A lot! My life is dependant on it, plus with Uni work and writing, I need it to stay awake throughout the day!
From your blog, you have travelled to some incredible places, which one would you say is your favourite place to visit again?

Argh!! This is a tough one to answer! Pretty every single place I’ve visited, I would definitely visit again. Having said that, it would either be Indonesia or Iceland. There is no country I wouldn’t go back to.
Is there a destination on your travel list that you’ve always wanted to visit but can’t? 

Why do you ask me this?! There are so many countries I want to visit!! Top of my list currently is New Zealand – and I think no explanation is needed for that.
What is your go-to camera for your travel photos? 

My feed is mixed based on what camera I use. I currently use three cameras, either a Nikon D7100, an Olympus E-PL8 (its very compact and perfect for travelling with) or my iPhone 7+.
Do you use any sort of apps or software to edit your photos? 

I mainly use Adobe’s Lightroom software for editing. I have a whole bunch of presets I use, which can be purchased online. If I’m using my iPhone, I use an app called “Camera+” to shoot in RAW before editing. Always shoot photos in RAW!
Is there any particular event, that made you happy and reminded you why you love to travel? 

Errm … there are so many! Seeing the Northern lights in Iceland was really cool, but it was so cold as well. I guess just meeting and talking to people, locals or other travellers, reminds me why I enjoy travelling.
You’ve travelled to a fair few places alone, and that must be daunting and sometimes scary as a female – what advice do you have to give to other female solo travellers? 

Travelling solo can be scary for the first time and some countries can be more intimidating than others. Visiting Honduras on my own was more way more daunting than going to Germany alone. However my main tip is to do research before you travel, as it’s highly likely that other solo females have also visited that particular country or place before – so reading websites or even looking at female Instagrammers will help out. Take a look at your foreign office government travel recommendations for advice as well. As always with travelling anywhere, just keep an awareness and sense about you and your belongings and make sure you have a contact for emergencies.
As part of this series, I’m asking each Instagrammer to show me their favourite photo; what’s the story behind this one?

When Nastasia (@nastasiapassport) and I were thinking about how to take this photo, we were told to fake laugh. Whilst we were trying to laugh in a fake manner, we actually ended up laughing at each other which helped make the photo appear and feel more realistic, than being staged. It was a funny moment and I’m glad it was captured in a genuine way. 
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