Privacy Policy

One Lost Traveller Privacy Policy

Here at One Lost Traveller, I want to make sure that this privacy policy is clear, simple and transparent for you, the reader, to understand on what information I collect when you visit my website (in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation Act, GDPR, that has come into effect).

Just like you, I do not want any personal information to be passed on to other businesses or used for marketing purposes. Which is why I don’t do it, and so I physically limit what personal information you give to me on this website.

My website is a simple website where I publish articles, how-to guides related to photography and travelling, as well as interviews from various photographers and Instagrammers that I know. Also on my site, you will find my portfolio and also my personal experiences of travelling.

What types of data are collected?


Cookies” are small data files that are placed onto your computer or smart devices (phones or tablets) as you look through my website, and any other website you visit.

The sole purpose of these cookies is to analyse what content you look at on my site. This is just for me to see what content you are generally interested in to read, and for me to continue to produce similar types of engaging content.

I do not have any adverts from third parties on this site (I prefer an ad-free site) and so the cookies collect just your browsing behaviour when you visit my site.

All my prints and other items are only sold on RedBubble, where I have a link in the menu above (labelled “store”) that will take you to their site. RedBubble is GDPR compliant (you can read an interview with RedBubble about being GDPR compliant), and so they process your data such as payment and shipping information, as well as print and deliver your order – I do not have any role in that process – everything is handled by RedBubble and them alone.

(Note: if you have any issues with your order from RedBubble, please contact their support for further help)

You can optionally disable cookies through your browsers if you want to; and you can also clear your browsing history after visiting my site, or set your browser to clear it’s browsing history when you close it down.

I suggest looking at the Help/Support pages of the browser you are currently using, in order to disable cookies. Additionally, you can look at third-party plugins or extensions that can block cookies being stored.

Please be aware that if you disable cookies altogether, some parts of my website may not function properly.

Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics, provided by Google, to collect standard Internet information, such as the number of visitors over a month, and the behaviour of visitors on my website. This to analyse what content you are genuinely interested in reading, so that I can continue to provide such content and to ensure that my website is being seen on the Internet.
The sorts of analytical information collected are;

  • What pages you visited,
  • The types of referral – did you visit my site from a Google search, or from a website link on Instagram etc.,
  • How long you spent on particular page,
  • The date and time you visited my website.

You can read more about Google Analytics and how it works.

I do not make, and definitely do not allow Google, to make any attempt to find out the identities of those who visit my website. That is why the IP addresses of anyone who visits to my website are anonymised to prevent any identification of them. All this information is monitored and processed by Google Analytics and as such, they are also compliant with the handling of data.

What about mailing lists?

I don’t have the time to write newsletters to send out to people, so I do not populate any email address to send them out.

Contact Forms

As you can see from my contact page, I do not have a contact form, but an email address that you can copy and use to contact me. Again, this is to limit what personal information you provide me with when contacting me.

Encryption of Data

The website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to verify the identity of my website via your browser and to encrypt data being transmitted. You can ensure that the website is secure by looking for a closed padlock symbol in your browser’s URL bar.

I hope that this explains clearly what information is collected when you visit my website.
If you have any questions, you can contact me using the email address over on the contact page.

[Page updated: 2/08/2018 – included information regarding selling work on RedBubble]