Travel Diary

A lot of people tend to give me a puzzled look when I tell them that I keep a travel diary whenever I go travelling. The usual response I get is something like,


“Aren’t photos enough?”


Or, even better,


“What for? It’s time consuming.”


And the simple answer to those questions is: I want to.

I keep a travel diary to record my experiences, the sounds and the overall atmosphere of a place. They help me to remember what I experienced, rather than having to rely on memory.

Sometimes travelling for hours on end can get tiring and so to sit somewhere, without technology connected to the internet, and just write down thoughts and things I mustn’t forget, helps breaks up the endless stream of travelling to that next destination.

By keeping something like a travel diary, I can re-read them again over a cup of tea or whilst I am on the airplane travelling to a new destination.  It also allows me to know where I visited so that in the future I can revisit that place as well.

Here, on this website, I am starting to write up my experiences whilst travelling Japan for two months. This will, undoubtably take time, but I see it as a personal project for me.

There are also other diaries I’ve kept from around Europe; Rome, Prague, Lisbon etc., which will eventually make their way to here… Hopefully being the word.

Enjoy reading these entries and the photos that accompany them – I hope this little project gives you some ideas, or inspiration, about keeping a travel diary.  What started off as something to occupy my time whilst travelling, has turned in to a long-term project.